Spring 2017 Issue

In this issue...

Is a Four-Letter Swedish Word the Key to Happiness and Productivity at Work? by Sofia Olofsson (MPA '18)

Hemorrhaging Healthcare: Affordable Care Act Woes and American Health Care Act Pitfalls by Aaron Bhole (MBA '17)

The Smartwatch: Competitor to Luxury Swiss Watch? by Rachit Saxena (MBA '17)

How Securities Law Enables Minority-Shareholder Activism by Brian Howton (JD '18)

The Cost of Pain and Value of Anesthesia by Andrew Davoodian (MBA '17)

Out of the Closet and into Economic Development by Chan Tov (JD '18)

Saving Lives with Monte Carlo by Tom Olson (MBA '18)

Sustainability: More than just Tax Credits by Vincent P. Gagliano (MBA '18)

The Brain at Work by David Coyne (MBA '18)


Fall 2016 Issue

In this issue...

The Coming VR Economy by Alexander Bramlet (MBA '18)

Of Businessmen and Innovators by Shantanu Naidu (MBA '18)

Toyota's Remedy for Ailing U.S. Hospitals by Andrew Davoodian (MBA '17)

The Modern Indictment of Financial Professionals by Jordan Young (MBA '18)

Defense in Silicon Valley by Steve Vuleta (MBA '17)

Book Review: Taxation of Entertainers, Athletes and Artists by Brian Balduzzi (MBA '18)

Product Development in the Automotive Industry by Mustafa Donertas (MBA '18)

The Controlled Return of the Subprime Mortgage Market by Matthew Lyons (MBA '18)

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